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Making healthy choices in life doesn’t occur naturally. For most of us it’s the unhealthy often inaccurate options that tend to appear first in our minds. Even more unfortunate is the fact that it’s those initial thoughts we tend to act upon, and as someone once said, “therein the problem lies.”

Helping you identify and rectify problematic thinking and behavioral patterns that have gotten in the way of experiencing a more gratifying life is my goal and purpose for this practice.

What I bring to the therapeutic table is a wealth of experience caring for the body and the mind, with all it’s complexities and frailties. I recognize that a tired body equals a tired mind and vice-versa, and I work to help you achieve balance, regulation and increased strength to manage all areas of your life.

I apply my wellness focus to help you manage states of anxiety, depression, unique issues of the aging process, and the unique issues that coincide with physical illness.

In addition, I hold a certification to provide clients with nutritionally-based approaches to enhance their mental health.

A large portion of my practice is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders particularly binge-eating and chronic over-eating issues. I focus on food addictions, emotional and coping patterns; family culture and the influence the present culture has upon our relationship with food. Because one-size does not fit all I provide a thorough assessment, researched-based information and individualized, clear, concise skills to help you gain control of these frustrating and health-compromising behaviors.

Other areas I specialize in:

  • Skills to address stress; improving day to day functioning and overall wellbeing.
  • Christian counseling, spiritual growth and direction.
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Grief and loss and issues related to adjusting to life whether the result of death, aging, illness or change of lifestyle.
  • Anxiety-related issues ; obsessive thinking, fear-based scenarios.
  • Depression, both complicated and daily low mood and energy

After several years working as a nurse I obtained a Counseling license from the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Therapist Board. My background as a Licensed  Clinical Counselor include:

  • Ohio State Medical Center, Harding Hospital, the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • The Center for Balanced Living, Eating Disorders and Psychotherapy (PHP and outpatient)
  • Mt. Carmel West Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • Private Practice, 2012 -2019 Worthington, OH.
  • Private Practice Marion, OH. 2019-2022
  • Private Practice Virtual Only 2023

My  goal for therapy is for me to work hard for you; successfully teaching skills and providing you with solid information with the ultimate goal of helping you recognize that you really do have the ability to live the changes you seek.

The Reed Center for Wellness, LLC

Nancy Pelphrey RN, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Phone: (614) 505-7049

Fax: (800) 552-0838

E-mail: nancy@reedwellness.com


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